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Commercial mixer grinder and juicers.

If you think you have enough knowledge of mixes and the mixie at your home is the only kind of mixes that exists, then you should think again!

Commercial mixer grinder and juicers are bigger versions of what you use at your homes.

This post is all about enhancing your knowledge about these biggies.So first things first, the power input of these mixes range from 1000 to 2000 watts. These mixes come with jars of their own. These jars have been made particularly to serve the purpose of that specific mixie with which they come. Often people purchase only the mixer and find alternate jars which are being sold in the market at cheaper prices. Well you should not expect such jars to last long.
Also, one important thing to note here is the upper limit of the jar. Jars have upper limit of holding material. For example 1000 Watt mixie jars have upper limit of 2 litres which means it can grind a maximum of 2 litres of material in one go. One must keep in mind not to over fill the jar beyond its mentioned limit.
Same goes for 1400, 1800, 2000 and 2200 Watts mixes.

Moving on, the body of commercial mixies are built of two types of materials one being plastic ABS and the other being aluminium with powder coating.

Let’s talk about these in detail.
Plastic bodied mixes can last long if used less. Over use of these mixies makes the plastic brittle and hence cracks develop in the body.
On the other hand aluminium body doesn’t break. But it’s use over a long time results in erosion of the outer powder coating. This worn out coating can be replaced with a new one hence aluminium bodied mixers are better when maintained from time to time.


The mixer couplers are again of two types. One being the plastic natural with brass nut and the other being the aluminium one. The use of these two depends on the work load.So basically maintenance of your mixi gives it a longer shelf life and saves you money be it a regular home mixer grinder or a commercial one. Commercial mixer grinders are used and exploited to their maximum capacity thus require more maintenance.

We hope you have been able to understand the difference between these two.


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