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Get home an electric tandoor and prepare delicious restaurant like food from your own house.

Electric Tandoor


  • What Is An Electric Tandoor?
  • Feasibility Of An Electric Tandoor?
  • Maintenance
  • Range Of Dishes
  • How To Choose An Electric Tandoor?

What Is An Electric Tandoor?

Electric Tandoors are a medium to cook restaurant-like food easily and conveniently from the comfort of your own sweet home. With a wide range of dishes that can be cooked to perfection it can be the ultimate addition to your kitchen.

A lot of these tandoors are available online and  powered by electricity, have a strong and durable design with high-quality corrosion-free heating elements for a healthy and long lifespan.

However the traditional charcoal tandoors require a longer time to prepare dishes with a shorter lifespan. Thus proving how the electric tandoors are the up and coming requirement of every kitchen.

Feasibility of An Electric Tandoor

An Electric Tandoor is used to make a variety of dishes including vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies. The traditional tandoor is  made of clay and charcoal is used as the fuel to heat it up.

However with development in every field speed and efficiency are of the essence. In these modern days, the majority of the members are working and that means making food must be fast and delicious.


The average lifespan of an Electric Tandoor is 10 years. However, for them to keep performing optimally regular cleansing is important since it also ensures safety and authenticity of the food prepared.

If we simply take care of our electric tandoors we use in a proper and effective manner, we can optimize its energy usage. Thus improving the quality of food being prepared. All with just minimal but effective cleansing and proper setting up.

ABC’s Of Setting Up An Electric Tandoor

  • Keep the Tandoor away from direct sunlight.
  • It is advisable not to place the tandoor against the wall. Ensure that it does not come in contact with curtains or other sensitive material.
  • Do not remove the tray or wire rack with bare hands.
  • Always use the tray handle and gloves or touch the exteriors of the appliance.
  • Eliminate the risk of fire by not operating the tandoor  on cloth or vinyl tables, rubber mats carpets etc or  use plastic or aluminum appliances in the tandoor.

Just like how it is important to keep our house, our kitchens and our utensils clean. It goes without saying that Electric Tandoors require the same attention.

 Certain steps allow us to keep our tandoors at peak condition and keeping them clean.
Given below are the rules on how to clean an Electric Tandoor.

  • Tandoors should not be immersed in abrasive water or an abrasive cleaner. 
  • A damp cloth should be used to wipe the exteriors of the tandoor. 
  • Water droplets should not come in contact with the heating plate.

Range Of Dishes

As mentioned earlier an Electric Tandoor can prepare vegetarian dishes as well as non-vegetarian.

The range of dishes can vary from masala cheese toast to stuffed paneer paratha, tandoori chicken, tandoori paneer tikka and what not. 

However, for Indian households it is most common to prepare breads such as parathas and naans and chapatis so here’s a starting guide on how to make rotis using an electric tandoor.

That is not all there is to an electric tandoor since it is also widely used to make Italian dishes such as the world famous Pizza with ease at home.

Here’s a starter on how to make a pizza using an electric tandoor for a quick healthy snack.

How To Choose An Electric Tandoor

Though choosing an electric tandoor can be a very personal preference based purchase. There are some ground rules everyone must be aware of before committing to a particular model of Electric Tandoor.

 Some basic features which make your purchase worth it are Built-in temperature gauge, reduced power consumption, detachable cooking tray, Non stick coating, Oil collection groove etc.

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