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How to choose your best mixer grinder.

A blessing in disguise for a modern day kitchen is a multi tasker mixer grinder. Not a lot of caution is thrown when it comes to choosing one, let us help you to make sure that you choose what’s right for your kitchen needs. 

  1. Copper winding motor- Lesser known fact is that companies may use aluminium made motor instead of using copper as copper is expensive than aluminium. The speed decreases with daily usage in aluminium motors, whereas copper stands in excellent ratings.
  2. This might sound a bit technical but it’s important – Bushes of hard should be 089 copper bush rather than 411 Works with less quantity but fails with liquid jar. And grinding also 089. Makes jar life more sustainable. 
  3. Switch and autocut of good quality. 
  4. Always use jar of steel 21-22 gauge minimum for domestic use. Commercial use can be decreased to 18 gauge. 
  5. The machine body should be of fresh material which has good body capacity for motor. So, it can last for a long time. 
  6. Too many Roatary switch speed options are not suitable for Indian kitchens. 
  7. You should ensure that the company offers guarantee and warranty for a minimum of 2 years.

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