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How To Make Pizza Using An Electric Tandoor


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Healthy Diet

The one benefit of this global pandemic is that people have started valuing their health more. Exercising and eating healthy have become a key component for a majority of people. Thereby improving their mental and physical health while simultaneously boosting their immunity.

In today’s day and age where immunity plays a crucial role, it is important to pack up and absorb nutrients like a sponge in order stay healthy. Nutrients and healthy vitamins are a part of a healthy and balanced diet.

One of the major benefits of a healthy and nutritious diet is a clear and positive mindset. Mind is without a doubt the greatest asset of the body. A healthy diet keeps it from improper functioning and cloudy judgements.


It is a common belief that a healthy diet consists of 3 meals a day. However, following a strict 3 meal plan is no piece of cake. It is therefore suggested that your calorie intake for the day should be divided into 5-6 meals a day. These  meals consist of 3 major meals and 2-3 snacking breaks. 

A snacking break helps by boosting your productivity, and helping people keep a positive mindset throughout the day by fuelling them in between meals.  However, they play a major role in keeping overeating  during a meal on a check.

Over the years snacks have developed a poor image. It is mainly due to a poor and unhealthy selection. Nevertheless, this can always be corrected simply by adding nutritive benefits in your snacks.

Pizza – The perfect Snack

 Pizza is an Italian dish consisting of a usually round, flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and often various other ingredients, which is then baked at a high temperature and is then ready to pounce upon.

It  is one of the most popular snacks in the world. Without a doubt the easiest way for parents to make their kids eat veggies and cottage cheese in the form of a delicious snack.

What makes it so special is the amount of goodness it delivers with amazing taste and health benefits. It is liked by people of all ages making it an all time favourite for a family.

It  is not only healthy but also an easy snack to prepare. Further down we’ll be explaining how to prepare a pizza using an Electric Tandoor, which frankly is just amazingly tasty and healthy.

 How To Make A Pizza Using an Electric Tandoor

Ingredients Required:

  • Pizza Base
  • Onion (cut into rings)
  • Tomato (cut in rings)
  • Capsicum (long cut)
  • 1 Cup Paneer ( cut into small cubes)

OR you can use any of your favourite vegetable or meat for topping

  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Salt, Red Chilli Powder
  • Chat Masala
  • Mozzarella Cheese


  1. Preheat Electric  Tandoor at 230-250°C (450°F) for 3-4 mins
  2. Mix ketchup, salt and chilli powder and form a sauce.
  3. Spread this sauce on the pizza base
  4. Put onion rings, capsicum, tomato and paneer cubes

 OR any of your chosen  favorite vegetable or meat for topping on the Base

  1. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on the pizza.
  2. Place it in the Electric Tandoor.
  3. Cook for 3-4 mins. check if the crust is crispy and cheese is bubbly and brown if not, bake it for another 1 min
  4. Sprinkle chat masala to taste

Benefits of Making Pizza at Home

Pizza has a potential for being a very healthy snack. However with the marketing of restaurant food chains, it has lost its health benefits to greasy cheese and sauces in order to add taste and to cut cost.

It is therefore always advisable to bake Pizza at home with the ingredients of your own choice and keeping in mind the health potential of the dish. It has multiple advantages to it such as:

  1. Pizza is packed with Antioxidants, which reduce oxidative stress which can link you to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, stroke and hypertension.
  2. Pizza is rich in cottage cheese which makes it rich in protein. Protein has numerous benefits such as strengthening of bones, helps build muscle mass etc.
  3. It’s delicious taste is loved by members of all ages and is so versatile it can be eaten at any time of the day without worrying about the nutrition content of the meal.
  4. Pizza helps the body absorb more lycopene. Lycopene is a natural compound found in pizza sauce with numerous health benefits.

Shopping for an Electric Tandoor

Vibro Electric Tandoors  are  for tandoori & grilled items, you can grill paneer, chicken, and vegetables electric tandoor in India shockproof, fitted with extra safe heating elements, lightweight and elegant looking, aluminum tray online electric tandoor at in India.

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Relish on oil-free tandoori and grilled food, without a worry, you may also defrost frozen food and reheat fast food with no overcooking.

VIBRO Jumbo Electric Tandoor -101

                 With a Power Supply of 3000 watt

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VIBRO SUPER CHEF, Electric Tandoor-105


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VIBRO SUPER GRILL Electric Tandoor CHEF 106


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  • Long Life Vitreous
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  • Warranty for 2 years.

VIBRO Master Chef Electric Tandoor-103


  • With Stainless Steel Tubular Elements, Long Life Vitreous Enamel Tray
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  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Glass Window 

Perks of Shopping at Mixiwale

 In any case, if you feel unsatisfied with the product’s condition or working, we provide you with an extremely hassle free return policy. You may return the product at the time of delivery itself without wasting any time.

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