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How To Use Filter Coffee Maker


  1. Introduction
  2. Difference between Filter Coffee Makers and Espressos
  3. Ways and Methods Of Brewing Coffee
  4. Guide on Filter Coffee Maker
  5. Shopping At Mixiwale


Coffee is so much more than a beverage — it’s a community. Saying that, think of the amount of money and time you spend on getting coffee from a cafe. When really all you need is a Coffee Maker that will free you of all your misery and hit your productive spot. Get a brand new filter coffee maker for your home and get a fresh pot whenever you want.

We love filter coffee for its qualities of less acidity and including nature’s best flavours of coffee in a cup filled with goodness. This makes it a popular brewing choice for single-origin coffees since it allows the drinker to appreciate all the flavours and aromas.

Difference between Filter Coffee Maker and Espresso Machines


Espresso is actually a method of brewing coffee. Italian, the word signifies a fast preparation method that gives the resultant decoction a fresh taste.

We prepare espresso by passing hot water at high pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. The brew that comes out of the process is much thicker than coffee brewed by other methods.

This happens because the espresso process leaves a higher concentration of suspended as well as dissolved solids in the decoction.

It’s clear that espresso is not merely a kind of coffee but a brewing technique. 

Filter Coffee

The process, as the name suggests, involves ‘filtering’ hot water through coffee grounds to collect a brew steeped in the flavours of coffee. 

Filter coffee requires coarser grounds and more water as compared to espresso, also a proper filter coffee takes time to brew. The strength and the nuances of the flavours would depend upon the coarseness of the coffee grounds and the roast profile as well.

The filter used in this method could be filter paper, or even an ultra-fine stainless steel mesh to hold the coffee grounds. 

Guide on Filter Coffee Makers

Filter Coffee Makers primarily comprise a metal or paper filter in which we place the coffee grounds, and then hot water may percolate through the grounds and collect as a filtrate in a pot.

Therefore, they are called filter coffee machines, as they basically filter the water through a layer of coffee grounds.

Filter coffee makers come in different makes and models.

The most common type used at home is the Drip Coffee machine, in which we passed the water through the coffee filter at high temperatures and the resultant brew was collected.

Buying Coffee Makers Online

Buying an appliance as useful as a Coffee Maker can also be a cumbersome task for the common household. Mixiwale is here to put your troubles at bay. We present to the best Coffee Making Machines and that too, at prices that are hard to match anywhere else.

Morphy Richards Europa Espresso/ Cappuccino Coffee Maker



  • Makes espresso, cappuccino and latte coffee
  • Milk frothing nozzle: Use the milk frothing nozzle for making Latte, Espresso Macchiato, Caff? Breve, and Caramel Macchiato varieties of coffee; Turbo cappuccino nozzle: Use this special nozzle exclusively for achieving a satisfactory froth in your favourite cappuccino.
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 800 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts. Bar Pressure: 4 bar.
  • Includes: Coffee maker, Instruction manual, Customer care list and Guarantee card

Shopping At Mixiwale

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