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INDUSTRIAL MIXER GRINDER- The First Step to A Industrial Kitchen

Table Of Content :

  •  Progress and Development
  • Uses of a Mixer Grinder
  • Types Of Mixers Used In The Food Industry
  • Maintenance
  • Best Mixer Grinders
  • Shopping At Mixiwale

Progress and Development

“Speed” is the essence of today’s world and with speed comes efficiency. In every aspect of our lives, we aim to get better, effective and efficient. This hunger to get better has driven us to such amazing heights in every aspect of our lives and that is why I believe we have been able to evolve and grow as human beings.

We have certainly become smarter in a majority of the products we use, be it a phone or a television. It is because of the same hunger for advancement; we created a Mixer Grinder.

A mixer grinder is probably the most important machine in a modern kitchen, helping reduce manual work and saving time to allow faster cooking. From pureeing, mixing, grinding, mincing to chopping, we designed the mixer grinder for multiple tasks and gives a fine product without fine pieces.

Uses of a Mixer Grinder

We have come a long way since our ancestors using a grinding stone, spending precious time, energy and effort manually for cooking, to these modern, technically superior mixer grinders that perform the mixing, blending and grinding functions in minutes, kitchen appliances.

A Commercial Mixer Grinder has many benefits, but the most common uses of a commercial mixer grinder are:

Energy Efficient:

The energy and time spent by people on activities like churning, grinding and powdering seemed to outweigh the benefits. This often made people making certain ingredients a little skeptical. However, with the help of a Mixer Grinder, these are no longer a problem as these tasks get done in minutes and with utmost quality.


A mixer grinder not only improves the quality of work, but also reduces the time required to complete a task by a large margin. This quality makes it almost essential for any kitchen, since it provides quality with less time consumption.

Efficient space:

Heavy machinery can make a kitchen seem small and you have almost no room to work. However, a mixer grinder takes up very little space and is therefore very easy to work with.

These are some of the most common uses for a mixer grinder. It goes without saying that it greatly reduces the consumption of time and the effort that must be put into it. I feel that Mixer Grinders is also useful if one is a fan of South Indian food as it helps to prepare a thin batter mix, which improves the flavor significantly.

Types of mixers used in the food industry

There are different types of mixer grinders that are used in the food industry. Mixer shredders have different models, and depending on their model, they have different special characteristics. For example, commercial mixer grinders with a 2000 watt power draw would be very powerful.

We have listed these features highlighting the capabilities and requirements of a mixer grinder:

1. Power:

Before you decide to buy any mixer grinder, you should consider a mixer grinder with a power consumption of 500 to 750 watts for regular household work. If you think you have heavy use of a mixer grinder, you can also choose a more powerful grinder.

2. Blades:

These are the ones that do all the work, so it makes sense to check for quality. Make sure the material is stainless steel and preferably rust free. High-quality steel blades stay sharp longer.

3. Warranty:

When buying any electrical or kitchen appliance it is always advisable to opt for products with a guarantee. This ensures after-sales service to the customer by giving them a sigh of relief and also building trust.

4. Capacity and number of bottles:

The larger size allows more ingredients to be processed at one time. In addition, separate jars for blending, grinding, and chutney make operations easier and thus increase efficiency.


A mixer grinder is a very important instrument for any kitchen. Its usage is absolutely crucial daily and hence its care becomes an utmost priority for a household. We will cover some basics of maintaining a mixer jar here:

  • Remove water from the jar after rinsing.

Water kept in the jar for a long time damages the bushes/ blades of the jar because of trusting (with cheap blades) or because of problems associated with the socket of the jar.

  • Grease those blades.

If you think that you always keep your jar upside down after rinsing and still your blades get damaged quickly every time, then this is for you. Even after keeping the jar upside down, tiny droplets of water may stick to the bushes of the jar, damaging them with time.

  • Jar Sockets should Not Come In Contact with Water.

Jars that come with a separate motor are easiest to handle. All you want to do is wash the jar under the tap. But when a jar comes with a socket, you need to be careful. You do not want the water to come in contact with the socket of the jar because it can lead to damage to the electronic parts of the jar

These tips are just scratching the surface of the maintenance of a mixer grinder. For a detailed review, please check our blog on How To Maintain Your Mixer Grinder.

Best Mixer Grinders

 Here at Mixiwale, we understand every household has its own personalized need. To cater to those needs in the most satisfying way, we offer you one of the best mixer grinders in India. On order straight from our website, fit the needs of every household with our Mixer Grinders

HANS Commercial Mixer/Grinder DominarPro 1800 Watts  


  • Very Powerful 1800 Watts Turbo Power Motor.
  • Double coated High-Grade Copper Winded Motor which generates high RPM (23000 Approx) and high Torque to get going in any grinding situation.
  • Self Lubricating MSP Bushes in Motor and Jars for Smooth trouble-free running for Years.
  • 60 mins. Continuous running – for longer life of the product.
  • Dominar Pro has two stainless steel jars – standard quantity dry/wet grinding jar (2.0L) capacity and large jar (3.0L) capacity for wet grinding only.
  • Jars have handles for easy use and have lids made of unbreakable see-through plastic which can be locked onto the jar with clips.
  • Sturdy aluminium Die Cast motor housing for long-lasting usage.
  • Dominar Pro has Power – On LED indicator for safety.
  • Cutter blades are made of high tensile stainless steel and machined in exact shape at precise angles for best performance.
  • Equipped with a tripping mechanism to protect from overload.




  • 3 litre stainless Steel Blender Jar
  • Small Stainless Steel Dry Grinder
  • With Ball Bearing, Powerful Motor
  • 6 months Motor warranty

HANS Commercial Mixer/Grinder DominarPro 2200 Watts



  • Most Powerful 2200 Watts Turbo Power Motor.
  • Double coated High-Grade Copper Winded Motor which generates high RPM (23000 Approx) and high Torque to get going in any grinding situation.
  • Self Lubricating MSP Bushes in Motor and Jars for Smooth trouble-free running for Years.
  • 60 mins. Continuous running – for longer life of the product.

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Shopping At Mixiwale

 In any case, if you feel unsatisfied with the product’s condition or working, we provide you with an extremely hassle-free return policy. You may return the product at the time of delivery itself without wasting any time.

 That being said, we offer you the best in class service in terms of quality and assurance with service complementaries such as :

  •  Unboxing at your doorstep
  •  Delivery in 48 hours

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