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Nutri Blend – A Modern Kitchen Essential


Difference Between A Nutri Blend And Food Processor
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Nutri Blend is a standard appliance in most households, and these countertop tools are for more than just making smoothies. I use this kitchen appliance to make sauces, dips, spreads, soup, beverages, desserts, and even burgers.

A Nutri Blend a mixer & grinder to make chutneys, masalas, smoothies, shakes & juices efficiently. Its simple functioning, compact size and high-speed motor give you perfect results every time. The sharpest steel blades of the food break down completely, extracting all nutrients. When this food is consumed, they help the body absorb nutrients in the fruits and vegetables much better.

Difference Between A Nutri Blend And Food Processor

With a Nutri Blend when liquid items are being broken down, like smoothies, pancake batter, spicy soups and sauces, salad dressings, ice cream, or fruit popsicles, the Nutri Blend is the right choice. The gravity-fed unit and super sharp blades create the most smooth products.


A Food Processor breaks down more hearty, chunky, dry, or tough ingredients a little easier because of the size of the blade and wider cup. It’s easy to grind meat, chop vegetables or grate cheese. Stay clear of making beverages like smoothies or blended drinks in a food processor.

Food Processor

How to Use A Nutri Blend

You’ll have a cup, blade, lid, lid plug, and a tamper. The base houses the controls and plugs into an electric outlet.

  • We should cut solid foods into small pieces.
  • Make sure the lid is securely on before operating.
  • Begin processing on the lowest speed setting, then ramp up as needed.
  • Don’t leave the blender unattended–the lid can fly off.
  • Have a towel handy to cover the lid when gradually adding in liquids like oil to a hot puree, as steam and splattering may occur.
  • Leave room for expansion–the top third of the jar should be free of any liquid or solids.
  • If the mixture stops circulating, remove the lip plug and use the tamper to stir or push down the ingredients.
  • If there is an air bubble, stop and use a spatula to stir the ingredients, then process again.
  • Add liquid gradually if needed to loosen a thick mixture and create a smooth product.
  • Take breaks if cup becomes very warm when touched. Turn off the blender, allow to cool if needed, or unplug!
  • Never immerse the base in water to avoid the risk of electrical shock. Wipe it down with a damp cloth or smooth sponge instead.


It is important to take care of your appliances and, therefore; it is important to cleanse them and keep them up at their optimal performance. We have prepared a list of how to do just that:

  1. Rinse down with warm water.
  2. Fill container halfway with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap.
  3. Secure the lid with the lid plug on the cup.
  4. Start and accumulate the speed to the highest setting.
  5. Run the blender and clean for 30 to 60 seconds.
  6. Turn the speed down to low, and then stop.
  7. Rinse all parts with hot water, drain and allow to completely dry on a towel or dish rack.
  8. If needed, use a cleaning brush to scrub under the blades, making sure not to touch the blade with your fingers!
  9. Most blender cups, lids and tamper can be washed in a dishwasher, however, check the user manual.
  10. Store the blender unplugged and make sure the blender cup is dry, so the blades don’t rust.

Buying A Nutri Blend Online

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Shopping At Mixiwale

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