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Problems in Buying Kitchen Appliances Online


  •  World Wide Pandemic
  •  Digitization of India
  • Major Problems in Online Shopping 
  • Purchasing Kitchen Appliances Online
  • Shopping At Mixiwale


The Corona Virus outbreak significantly changed most of our lives. Almost every aspect of our life has been affected. However, the most prominent effect of Covid 19 is that it is no longer safe to go outside your own sweet home.

People could no longer go out and enjoy themselves with their loved ones. They couldn’t go out shopping, eating watching movies etc. While most of these activities were for pleasure, a lot of essential activities also got stuck midway.

The nationwide lockdown has resulted in a boom in the E-Commerce Industry. They have stepped up to provide the general public with the necessities required for sustenance.

Digitilisation of India

With the progressive nature our Government posses, our nation is soon going to be a developed one. One key factor in making this a reality is the commencement of the digital era where nearly all businesses will come online and function effectively bringing your own needs to our sweet and safe home.

Digitalisation will help increase the customer base of a company and help it in terms of cost-cutting. It is a visionary approach because of the following factors:

  • Global access available 24/7
  • Improved client service
  • Cost savings
  • Faster delivery of products
  • Reduces Middlemen and thus prices
  • Possible to manage the business from anywhere in the world.

Major Problems In Online Shopping

Just like the two sides of a coin, online shopping has its benefits and its flaws. We’ve highlighted some of the most significant issues that consumers often face. They are presented below:

Quality Of the Product

Online shopping faces a major drawback due to a lack of physical touch. A huge problem while buying things online is that you have no guarantee of a product’s quality. That’s why Mixiwale brings to you unboxing at the time of the delivery providing the opportunity to examine the product first hand.

Delivery and logistics

The age-old question in online shopping is When will the order be delivered?. While all e-commerce sites have order tracking systems for their customers, they aren’t always accurate. Delivery personnel often turn up at our homes when we’re at work or out somewhere.

Trust Over Digital payment 

While E-Wallets have significantly evolved, the truth is they are not the most trusted forms of money transfers and are within good reason. However, with the increase in knowledge among the general public on how to use it, these risks have come down by far. Catering to this problem, we’ve initiated the Cash On Delivery (COD) mode of payment.

Returning of Products

Since you have no idea of the product’s quality until you hold it in your hands, returning things bought online is quite common is always advisable to go through the return policy of the website in question while making a purchase. Here at Mixiwale, if you feel unsatisfied with the product, you can return it at the time of the delivery itself in a hassle-free manner.

 Purchasing Kitchen Appliances Online

Kitchen Appliances form the very base of the household. They not only help in improving the taste and hygiene of the food we eat but also help us prepare them at a faster and safer pace. They are the essentials of a home.

Kitchen appliances have become indispensable in modern times. They increase our efficiency to a much greater extent. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, a lot of people sought online shopping. But when it comes to buying kitchen appliances, one might feel the need to check the quality and working of the product at hand before going ahead with the purchase.

Thanks to online shopping, many electric appliances and copper kitchen appliances that were earlier not available in all parts of the country are now just a click away reducing the hassle which goes into buying appliances offline.

Shopping At Mixiwale

Here at Mixiwale, we ensure that our customers have the best consumer experience by meeting all their requirements by home delivering their orders of Kitchen Appliances with express delivery and also tackling the stereotypical problems of purchasing online goods. 

To put all your worries at bay, we have introduced different strategies to overcome the major problems of purchasing online goods. Given below are the ways we’ve come up with to help you feel a difference in our service. The customers comfort is the central basis for these strategies. 

 Many might feel the absence of touch factor while buying electronic items online but with the unboxing facility that we provide you. You can now unbox the product at the time of delivery with the help of our delivery executive. And therefore you can yourself can examine the product.

We understand that transition into the online world can be scary. Payment modes such as online transactions certainly do not make it easier. To tackle this issue, we’ve started accepting Cash On Delivery (COD) mode of payment. 

 In any case, if you feel unsatisfied with the product’s condition or working, we provide you with an extremely hassle-free return policy. You may return the product at the time of delivery itself without wasting any time.

All these features provided by us will ensure that you experience all the joys of offline shopping, at the safety of being at your home. Try shopping our products online and we will make sure you get the best service. Enjoy your shopping at Mixiwale.

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