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Sandwich Maker


A sandwich maker is essential for having a filling and quick breakfast on busy mornings. It is one of the most used appliances in a household, and for good reason. All you need to do is prepare the sandwich with your favorite vegetables, spread cheese and put it in.

In this blog, we will provide everything you need to know about this amazing appliance in ranging from how to use it to the features your sandwich maker should possess and finally how to choose the right model for your home.

Sandwich Makers And Pop-Up Toasters

Both Pop Up Toasters and Sandwich Makers are amazing ways to prepare your breakfast in a jiffy. However, because of the similar function, their individual qualities get covered up.

A sandwich maker is hands down more versatile than a toaster. With this appliance in your kitchen, you can prepare plain toast, a sandwich, or any variation of snacks that can fit inside the device. Instead of using bread as the key ingredient, it allows you to prepare other types of snacks, like pancakes and waffles.

Compared to them, toasters aren’t versatile and won’t give you much flexibility when preparing breakfast. We have designed toasters primarily to design brown slices of bread or bagels by exposing them to radiant heat.

How To Use a Sandwich Maker?

Preparing sandwiches is easy and pretty straightforward when using an electric sandwich maker, and the only thing you need to do to prepare your ingredients is to carefully insert them between the bread slices. Then place the sandwich in the machine and allow the device to do the rest. All you manually have to do is switch the power supply on and the machine will do its magic.

Types Of Sandwich Makers

There are two main types of sandwich makers.
1. Panini Press (Grill Sandwich Maker)
2. The Four-Triangle Sandwich Maker (4 Slice Sandwich Maker)

1- Panini Press

A Panini press comprises two presses that function both as a grill and a toaster. Besides making a simple sandwich, you can also grill different food items in a Panini press such as burger patties, kebabs and many more. Thick filling sandwiches can be easily grilled and prepared in a Panini press.

2- The Four-Triangle Sandwich Maker

This is a more common type of sandwich maker that household families prefer buying. As the name suggests, it can prepare two sandwiches and cutting them into two triangles, thus ultimately resulting in four triangles of sandwiches. Not only is it ergonomically effective but also it has a compact design that can fit in tight spaces.

Features to Consider in A Sandwich Maker

Before buying any appliance, it is important to know the features it can offer to make your life easier and also help in bringing a sense of familiarity with the product. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some essential features that your appliance should have to make itself a value for money product.

Power of the Sandwich Maker

One of the most important features that you need to check in a bread sandwich maker is its power. A high-powered appliance heats fast and also saves time. It will make it easy for you to prepare a sandwich within minutes, even if you are running late.

1.Number of Slices

Panini presses can accommodate up to 8 slices of bread, whereas the most common four triangle model would accommodate 4 slices of bread. You should look for an appliance according to the size of your family. If you have a large family, investing in a Panini press would be a better option.

2.The Surface of the Plate

It is necessary to invest in a toasted sandwich maker which has durable and safe plates. Some models come with a fixed heating plate, whereas some have griddle plates. Removable plates are also available in some models which shall allow you to grill and griddle at your convenience.

3.Auto Shut Off Feature

Most of the models come with an Auto Shut Off feature, which means when the sandwich is ready, the appliance shall shut down automatically and This prevents the sandwich from getting burnt or overcooked, which almost guarantees the taste and takes off the pressure of constantly checking up on the bread.

4.Types of Handle

Everyone needs to consider the safety features of the electrical device that they use daily. Some of the sandwich maker machines have plastic handles and others come with stainless steel ones. Depending on the usage, choose an appliance that can meet the wear and tear, causing no hindrance to the household.

Buying Sandwich Makers Online

Buying an appliance as useful as a Sandwich Maker can also be a cumbersome task for the common household and, therefore, Mixiwale is here to put your troubles at bay. We present to you the best sandwich makers and that too at prices that are hard to match anywhere else.

Bajaj New Grill Ultra 2000-Watt 4-Slice Sandwich Maker


  • 4 slice sandwich press and stands upright for compact storage
  • Attractive black stainless steel model
  • Adjustable floating hinge system and non stick coating plate
  • Neon indicator and oil drip collector
  • 180 degree open grill and adjustable temperature control
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 2000 watts; Cord winder at the base ; Power Requirement: 220-240.


Bakelite Body
Triangle Sandwich Maker
Metallic Attractive Body
Non-Stick Coated Plates
Power of 750 W


750 Watts

Bajaj SWX 3 DLX Sandwich Toaster 800W, Black, Regular


Non-stick plates for easy cleaning

Quick and easy to make sandwiches with hassle-free preparation

Compact upright storage

Made in India

2 years warranty

Shopping At Mixiwale

 We have incorporated Repairing Services for Mixer Grinders, so feel free to contact us and seek our services in the Delhi NCR Region. If you feel unsatisfied with the product’s condition or working, we provide you with an extremely hassle-free return policy. You may return the product at the time of delivery itself, wasting no time.

 That being said, we offer you the best in class service in terms of quality and assurance with service complements such as: 

Unboxing at your doorstep 

 Delivery in 48 hours 



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