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Top 5 Juicer Mixer Grinder problems and there solutions.

You may be a nuanced chef, a beginner or a someone who cooks everyday, I’m sure you have come across mixers and grinders and are aware how critical they are to any kitchen.
Now Imagine a day that you are about to cook up something excusite for the guests who are coming over and suddenly the mixer wont budge. With all the essential condiments of your dish its sits on the kitchen top like an innocent devil, the first instinct is to bang it or check the wires. 

What would you do next ?
Clueless, well I have been in similar situations and have often made panic calls to support team.

Thought they have always been kind to help me, my experiences have taught me that there are certain typical problems with the mixers which we can often address ourselves.

  1. Mixer shuts down : At times we may end up loading the mixer jars more that their capacity or might load them with very hot ingredients. The mechanism in the mixer is designed to ensure safety of the mixer and user so post encountering an overload instance it usually shuts off.  You can exercise following options in such instances:
  • Unload the jar and let the mixer cool down for a while.
  • Run the mixer after some time with an empty jar once .
  • Perform the job in batches.
  • Ensure you do not over run the mixer and give it a halt for 5 minutes atleast before loading another batch. 
  1. Blunt Blades : Over the time extensive usage can lead the blades to be blunt. This is the most prevalent issue which can be resolved in no time. 

Grind rock salt in the mixer, run couple of batches. Ensure you do not overload the mixer. Visible changes will be evident even while you are grinding the rock salt. This is a good practice to be followed regularly.

  1. Loose Blades : The quality of the mix could be impaired because of loose blades as well. You might just need a screw driver to fix it or rotate the coupler. If the problem persists you should consult  a technician. 

4.  Leakage:  Often the salt and water from the jars starts seeping into the machinery when ever they come in contact.  This could be fatal as well as it can lead to electric shock as well. To avoid this you might have to check your jars for leakage first. Then put some oil in the parts of machinery that come in contact with the jar and suspend them upside down for a while. This should help.

  1. Buttons getting stuck : Food particles can run havoc on any part of the machinery.  Buttons also get damaged or stuck if good particles get spilled over them or seep in the empty spaces. Thes best remedy is to always clean your mixer thoroughly after every use. You can use a toothbrush or a painting brush to reach the empty spaces. Clean thoroughly to ensure that food particles are not impacting the working of the buttons. 

Though mixers are the life line of any kitchen they are often taken for granted until all hell breaks loose ie they stop working. It is advisable to exercise certain care and love by following certain simple steps:

  • Do not overload or load very hot ingredients. 
  • Always clean every part well after usage and leave it to dry before storage in order to avoid rusting.
  • Crush rock salt atleast once I  amonth to ensure the blades do not go blunt.
  • For any other issues that you face, always refer a specialized technician.

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